Axisflying Argus ECO 55A+F405 STACK
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Axisflying Argus ECO 55A+F405 STACK

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Axisflying Argus ECO 55A+F405 STACK

Argus is axisflying electronic series that include ESC, FC and stack.

The lightweight Argus ECO will reduce the weight of the whole FPV to a greater extent, while providing stable and excellent control

 Axisflying Argus ECO 55A+F405 STACK  




The Argus ECO is significantly lighter than the Argus Pro with its aluminum housing.

      - The FC supports up to 4 motor outputs, easily build your drone.

      - Quickly check the working status of the FC by turning on and off the corresponding status indicator light.

      - Open circuit board, free soldering equipment.




- 55A 6S BlHeli-S ESC / Axisflying F405 FC

- ICM 42688 Gyro

- Blackbox 16MB

- UART: 5

- HD/Analog Supported

- GPS Supported

 Argus ECO 55A ESC

- Size: 36*36*15.95 mm  / Weight: 13.5g / Mounting Holes: M3-30.5*30.5mm

ECO 55A F405
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