BetaFPV 95X V3 HD Digital BNF
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BetaFPV 95X V3 HD Digital BNF

BetaFPV 95X V3 HD Digital BNF


Coming with brand new pusher design, equipped with Caddx Nebula Nano HD System, and supports to combine with the SMO 4K action camera, Beta95X V3 Whoop Quadcopter(HD Digital VTX) totally reinvents the traditional cinematic drones!
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BetaFPV 95X V3 HD Digital BNF


Coming with brand new pusher design, equipped with Caddx Nebula Nano HD System, and supports to combine with the SMO 4K action camera, Beta95X V3 Whoop Quadcopter(HD Digital VTX) totally reinvents the traditional cinematic drones! It gives pilots an amazing HD flight experience, bringing pilots to a fairly clear image of every highlight moment!

Bullet Point

  • Beta95X V3 is perfectly suitable for the SMO 4K action camera. With a built-in camera mount and a power cable, it's very convenient for out-of-the-box installation and power input for the camera. Combining with SMO 4K, pilots can get a stable & high-quality video while in FPV flight.
  • Equipped with the nebula Nano HD System, perfectly supports the DJI HD system. This lightweight kit provides a stable FPV picture and long transmission distance, greatly bring you a unique flight experience.
  • Adopts a brand-new innovative pusher frame design, Beta95X V3 is more durable and easier for installation than Beta95X V2. The frame also comes with an EVA foam cushioning design to give you more safety flying.
  • Equipped with F4 AIO 20A Toothpick FC V4, 1106 3800KV motor, and D63 5-blade props, this highly efficient power system keeps Beta95X V3 more powerful and less noise in flight. For the battery, we highly recommend you using the BETAFPV 450mAh 4S battery to get the best flying experience.
  • Centering the drone's gravity by reversed-motor design and top battery place makes the drone more maneuverable to achieve all FPV freestyle tricks such as diving. 
  • Further improves the shock mitigation system to eliminate the shake of the camera, Beta95X V3 HD Digital VTX will make the camera more stable on the flight, which ensures pilots can capture all the beautiful moments of flight with the stabilized and clear video.



SMO 4K camera, a high-degree lightweight action camera for FPV drones that is developed by BETAFPV using Insta360 technology. SMO 4K camera only weighs 30g and perfectly fit for FPV drones, and brings pilots an extraordinary flying experience and a strong visual impact. What's more, it almost compatible with all kinds of FPV drones like micro cinewhoop Beta95X V3, 3-4in the ducted quad, 4-5in long-range FPV drone, and fixed-wing. It will be the perfect action camera for pilots in search of high-quality video with FPV racing drones. 

Nebula Nano HD System

The Caddx Nebula Nano HD System can perfectly support with DJI goggles. With DJI goggles, it can provide 720p/60fps digital high-definition picture and a transmission range up to 4km. Users can choose 25mW/200mW/500mW/700mW from DJI goggle settings. The total weight (excluding antenna) is 24g only, about 26g lighter than the DJI FPV unit. Besides, it is smaller and designed for whoop drones. 

Beta95X V3 Pusher Frame

A newly designed pusher whoop frame - Beta95X V3 Frame is made of high-quality PA12 material, which can dampen noise and vibrations and have high abrasion resistance, bringing the drone a more durable flight and no fear of damage. Meanwhile, it also comes with an EVA foam cushioning design to give you more safety flying.  The pusher style puts all the cameras and batteries on the top of the platform, makes the center of gravity is right in the middle of the drone, brings the best fly operability. 


Beta95X V3 series whoop drone is equipped with the new released F4 20A AIO toothpick brushless FC, it extremely reduces the weight while improving the ability of the ESC to continuous current 20A, and brings pilots more power to fly the Beta95X V3 quad! Meanwhile, the new 20A FC V4 adds 2 pin connector ports for DJI Digital VTX and Rx, just plug & play, less solder work needed, super easy to install.

Motor & Props

Gemfan D63 5-Blades Props is designed for the inverted installation, and it brings pilots a smooth flight! Meanwhile, compared with D63 3-blades propellers, D63 5-blade props are more durable and more powerful, offers pilots a high-efficiency flight experience. Equipped with the 1106 3800KV Brushless Motor, it brings a stronger power and lower noise, which will give pilots an unprecedented flying experience.

The Beta95X V3(HD Digital VTX)  drone also comes with "props out" by default. Why we need "Props out" direction?

Default Betaflight props direction, quadcopter dips, and "washes out" in hard corners. With reversed props or "props out", no more dipping even in the hardest cornering.

Know more about "Props Out".


1. Cli Dump of Beta95X V3 Whoop Quadcopter (Click here to find the details.)

2. STL File for the Base of Naked Camera for Beta95X V3 Pusher Drone Series (Click here to find the details.)

3. How to power the Naked Camera on Beta95X V3 or Beta95X V3 HD Digital VTX.

One adapter 3P GH1.25 power cable for Customized Naked Camera is offered in the package, pilots can use it to power the Naked Camera.


  • 1 * Beta95X V3 Whoop Quadcopter(HD Digital VTX)
  • 1 * Gemfan D63 5-blades Propellers(2CW+2CCW)
  • 1 * 20mm FPV Camera Mount
  • 1 * Spare EVA Foam Tape
  • 1 * USB Adapter Board for FC
  • 1 * TypeC Right Angle Adapter
  • 1 * Adapter Cable for Customized Naked Camera

Batteries and SMO 4K Camera are not included in the package. You can get it separately.

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