Goosky Legend RS4 Helicopter - Combo Version (Unassembled)
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Goosky Legend RS4 Helicopter - Combo Version (Unassembled)

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Goosky Legend RS4 Helicopter - Combo Version (Unassembled)


The GooSky RS4 Heli is a powerful 380 class RC Helicopter that features a high power direct drive main motor, belt driven tail rotor system, and is equipped with 390mm main blades.

The direct drive main motor system removes the worry about stripped gears, and reduces overall parts count of the model.

The belt driven tail rotor system is excellent for all pilots allowing for reliable performance and less worry about gears failing over time.

The Plug-N-Play (PNP) version includes most electronics to get you started, simply add your radio, receiver, and battery charger to be fully ready to go.

The PNP version includes three DS45MG Cyclic Servos, one DS50MG tail servo, the GTS Flybarless Flight Controller, a 70A Brushless ESC, direct drive brushless motor, a Flybarless Bluetooth module for setting adjustments via cellphone or tablet, and one LiPo Flight Battery.






(1) GooSky RS4 Legend 380 Helicopter Kit

(3) DS45MG Cyclic Servos

(1) DS50MG Tail Servo

(1) GTS Flybarless Flight Controller

(1) Flybarless Bluetooth Module

(1) 70A Brushless ESC

(1) Brushless Motor 

(1) 22.2V 6s 1800mAh LiPo Battery w/XT-60 Connector


Needed To Complete:


2.4GHz Transmitter & Receiver (6-channel or more, helicopter system)

Compatible charger 

Pitch gauge

Various tools, lubes & greases for setup and assembly


1 kg
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