Flywoo Naked GoPro 10 Action Camera w/ Touchscreen + Filter Set
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Flywoo Naked GoPro 10 Action Camera w/ Touchscreen + Filter Set

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Flywoo Naked GoPro 10 Action Camera w/ Touchscreen + Filter Set


 The Flywoo's GP10 Naked Action Camera is the ultimate ultra-light design based on the GoPro Hero 10, paired with a filter set and a touchscreen - this is the perfect bundle you need for flying!





Model: Flywoo Action Camera GP10

Brand name: FLYWOO 

Video: 5K@60fps/4K@120fps/2.7K@240fps

Video format:MP4

Video code: H.264/AVC,H.265AEVC

Input voltage: 2S-6S,Suit for 2S-6S Batteries

Output: 5V@2A

Connector: SH1.0-3P Connector

Protection: UV proction lens

Size: 67mm*48mm*20mm

Weight: 44g




Compared with the traditional Naked gopro, we have added an aluminum sheet to reinforce  and make it more durable.

Rear small fan, better heat dissipation, can continuously shoot 4K 120FPS (Gopro 10 bone, naked gopro can't, it will shut down in 5 minutes at most)

Compared with Gopro10 bones, GP9/10 is lighter, only 44g, more suitable for FPV players

Built-in front screen, optional rear touch screen

The gravity of GP9/10 is in the middle, which is more conducive to FPV flying and shooting.


Flywoo Action Camera ND CPL Filter Set:


To get better footage while flying and prevent the issue of jello, Flywoo designed the ND filter Set for the Flywoo Naked GoPro 9 & 10 Action Camera.

These filter set act as a lens protector in case of a serious crash, protect the lens from dust, and provide pilots with clearer footage. 




Item: Flywoo UV Filter / Flywoo ND Filter Set 

Weight: 1.2g

Adapt Camera: Flywoo GP9 / GP10, SMO , Naked Gopro 6/7




1 x Flywoo GP10 Naked Action Camera 

1 x Touchscreen

1 x Mounting Hardware

2 x Power Cable

1 x Power BEC Balance Adapter 

2 x PLA Mount

1 x Flywoo ND Filter Set (ND4\ND8\ND16\ND32\ND64\CPL)


You can choose to order a touch screen version (more convenient to set parameters)

Note: If you order a the touch screen version, we will match everything. Every touchscreen is unique.

Once damaged, you cannot order a replacement. 

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