SpeedyBee Discharger
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SpeedyBee Discharger

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SpeedyBee Discharger


The creative team at SpeedyBee have yet again come up with another useful gadget for RC hobby users, the SpeedyBee Discharger. As the name suggests, this device can be used to discharged LiPo batteries, but really it's more useful as a USB-C power supply.

It won't discharge your batteries on its own. It will only discharge when being used to powering things via its USB Type-C output, say a smartphone, portal soldering iron or even a laptop computer!

The discharger can be used with 3-6S LiPos / XT60 plug. 6S offers the highest charging power at 60W, 4S / 40W and 3S / 30W.

The device has a four-digit LED display to show input/output voltage and output current.

The device has pre-programmed low voltage cut-offs to protect your LiPos and a built buzzer alerts users to low voltage notices.


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