BrotherHobby Avenger Series 3008 (4x)
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BrotherHobby Avenger Series 3008 (4x)

  • 1300KV
  • 1900KV
  • 1500KV
  • 1150KV
129,90 CHF TTC 120,61 CHF (HT)
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BrotherHobby Avenger Series 2810 (4x)


The BrotherHobby Avenger 3800 Motor is your next big step into cinematic FPV! The Avenger 3800 is a high-quality motor made with Japanese NMB bearings for smooth, and free-flying.

The high-quality bell increases the overall durability of the motor and prevents the motor from getting damaged during a crash.

This motor will sure take your FPV racing experience to the next level !




High efficiency, high-performance motor 

Titanium alloy shaft steady power and controllability for a smooth flight 

KV Options: 1150KV,1300KV, 1500KV, or 1900KV

Max thrust 2.7kg/motor 

Suitable for cinematic building 

Big power linearity




4 x BrotherHobby Avenger 3008


BrotherHobby Avenger Series 3008 (4x) - 1150KV
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