STEAM RC Teminator CNC Ball Link Pliers/Titanium 5.0mm
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STEAM RC Teminator CNC Ball Link Pliers/Titanium 5.0mm

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STEAM RC Teminator CNC Ball Link Pliers/Titanium 5.0mm


These might be the most comfortable ball pliers you've ever used. It has an ergonomic handle that gives an industrial-grade tool a soft feel. The cutter head of the ball tongs is precision machined by a custom alloy CNC, which has extremely high strength and corrosion resistance, and is extremely difficult to process due to the strong material and strong resistance to stamping deformation.

The development period of this product reached three months before finally overcoming the manufacturing obstacles.

We carefully observed the ball head buckle shape of different helicopters, as well as the Angle, state and position of the ball head pliers when working, and finally designed the Angle of the irregular working line to achieve satisfactory clamping accuracy and tripping speed.

The pliers also have a clever rotating spring structure that automatically opens at an Angle.

The application of Teflon materials gives this tool a damped feel. And the design has a sliding lock fixing way, bringing better experience.


Terminator series tools are the designer's collection of more than 20 years of design products, he no longer want to design similar products, so the series of tools named Terminator.

This series of tools are very classic and highly recommended by designers.

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