Nazgul DC5 Frame Kit
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Nazgul DC5 Frame Kit

  • Deadcat DC
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Nazgul DC5 Frame Kit


The iFlight Nazgul DC5 frame is a 5" freestyle frame. Made from a super-stiff carbon for minimum resonance and recommended 2207 motors for maximum 5" prop control. No Props or frame in view!




Product Name: Nazgul DC5 Frame Kit

Geometry: DC (DeadCat)

Wheelbase: 240mm

Frame Dimension: 193*144*34mm

Arm Thickness: 5mm

Bottom Plate Thickness: 2.5mm

Upper Plate Thickness: 3mm

Internal space height: 29mm

Max Flight Stack Height: 22mm

Max VTX Height: 29mm

FC Mounting: 20*20/Φ2mm 30*30/Φ3mm

Motor Mounting: 16*16/Φ3mm

VTX Mounting:30*30 φ3mm / 25.5*25.5 φ1.6mm / 20*20 φ2mm

Weight: 238g


Package included:


1 x Nazgul DC5 Frame Kit

1 x TPU set (Inclu. GoPro TPU Base Mount)

1 x Screw Bag

2 x Anti-slip Battery Pad

4 x Motor Wire Shield Tube

2 x Battery Strap(20*250mm)

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