Helion 10 O3 6S HD
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Helion 10 O3 6S HD

Helion LED Mod Artic Blue included

  • ELRS 2.4G
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 Helion 10 O3 6S HD


HELION -  The Long  Range flagship by 2RAW and iFlight 

This drone was built to redefine Long Range. In order to meet the rising demands for more range, and more flight time while maintaining enough weight, to have excellent stability in even the windiest of conditions. With a prop size of 10 inches, Helion is not only capable of effectively carrying large (Recommended, 4500mAh Lipo and above)  batteries but also ensuring great efficiency with ample power.

You will have better dive recovery and more overall control than traditional long-range drones. Its unique aerodynamic shell allows for easy maintenance while protecting the cores of the power train. Helion’s distinct frame design was scientifically optimized to balance stability, weight, and rigidity.




Optimised Motors & Propeller

This latest XING motor was optimised between thrust and efficiency. Perfectly tuned to the 10 inch Gemfan propellers. 


The unique aerodynamic shell allows for easy maintenance while protecting the cores of the power train. Users can simply open and close the shell when working on the drone. The idea was to protect the inside but give people full access when maintenance work is being performed on the drone. 

Innovative A-Frame for Maximum Performance

The frame was scientifically optimised and tested over months to find the balance between stability and weight. The A-Frame design minimises vibrations as well as torsion, one of the biggest problems with larger drones. 

USB-C Power

A USB-C Plug was added so you can power your action cam when running out of power. This was also built in for potential upcoming new small cameras making Helion more future proof

DJI O3 HD Air Unit Low-Latency Digital Transmission 

Up to 10 km video transmission range, enjoy a crisp and smooth real-time view in your goggles, even in environments with interference. (Source DJI)

4K Stabilized Video with 155° Ultra-Wide Angle

Together with high-grade imaging performance, it delivers exceptional visuals that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. (Source DJI)

GPS Pre-Installed for More Safety at A Distance

GPS functionality to find your way back on those ultra long range missions. Betaflight GPS Rescue mode ready to setup (default OFF to prevent unexpected behaviour; Setup instructions included). Custom iFlight 100mm LR antenna for best signal coverage even at long distances.




Product Name: Helion10 O3 6S HD

FC: BLITZ F7 Flight Controller

ESC: BLITZ E55 4-IN-1 2-6S 55A ESC

Video Transmission: DJI O3 Air Unit

Geometry: A-Frame

Frame: 418mm wheelbase

Motor: XING2 3110 900KV motors

Prop: GEMFAN 1050 propellers

Weight: 950±20g (Without Battery)

Dimensions (L×W×H):324x264x63mm

Max Speed: 140km/h

Maximum Takeoff Altitude: 7000 m

Max Hover Time: Approx. 26mins with 6S Lipo 5600mAh battery / 30mins with 6S 8000mAh Liion battery

Max Cruising Time: Approx. 23mins with 6S Lipo 5600mAh battery / 26mins with 6S 8000mAh Liion battery

Operating Temperature Range: -20° to 40° C 

Antennas: Dual Antennas

GNSS: GPS+SBAS+Galileo+QZSS+Glonass


Video Transmission:


Product Name: BLITZ Whoop 1.6W VTX

Input voltage: 7V~34V 

Interface: MMCX

Power levels: PIT/25mW/400mW/800mW/1600mW

Channels: 40 (including Raceband)

Mounting pattern: 30.5x30.5mm/Φ3 

Lightweight: 18.9g (excluding antenna)

VTX telemetry: IRC Tramp

Betaflight IRC Tramp Configuration: Please download the attached VTX table for Betaflight!

RC Tramp VTX table values: 25mW/400mW/800mW/1600mW


Packing List:


1 x Helion 10 6S HD

2 x Battery pad

2 x GEMFAN 1050 propellers(Pairs)

2 x Battery strap

1 x Screw bag

1 x Amass XT90 to XT60 H Adapter Cable

***Gopro Not included


All iFlight BNFs are tested before shipment to guarantee the highest quality.


 * Note importante : La réglementation Suisse impose une puissance maximum de 25mW  dans la fréquence des 5,8 Ghz, ainsi qu'un pilotage en double commande pour pratiquer le vol en immersion (FPV). La responsabilité de Helifree RC ne peut être engagée pour toute utilisation de ce matériel hors du strict cadre légal est sans licence adéquate
Helion 10 O3 6S HD
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