Chimera7 Pro V3 8S Analog GPS Revolution FPV
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Chimera7 Pro V3 8S Analog GPS Revolution FPV

  • ELRS 2.4G
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Chimera7 Pro V3 8S Analog GPS Revolution FPV


The KING of Long Range FPV! Another unique creation from Revolution FPV and Helifree RC, to provide you the best experience in your long range experience.

A super-efficient iFlight 7.5inch Long-Range bird that can go where you couldn't go before.

Our innovative double power connector system allow you to use two batteries, one on the top plate and one on the lower plate, no limits to carry bigger batteries to get the flight time to surf the swiss alps if you want!

A super stiff frame for minimum resonance and powerful BrotherHobby 2810-1350KV motors for maximum 7.5inch prop control.

All TPU have been designed to improve the original Chimera 7, our Gopro TPU and camera support is unique, you have always the same angle of view.

The best electronics components have been choosen by our experts.

The long-range flight experience has been extended, thanks to the GPs and the Compass, linked to INAV Firmware, fully configurated by our pilots.

You can enjoy the safety of a real RTH, Holding and all others innovative functionnalities of INAV




Improved Chimera 7 V3 with unique features

Double battery connector with full flexibility

8S capability for very long time flights and less consumption

Unique TPU camera design, guarantee the same angle of your gopro and your FPV camera as well

GPS and compass

Brotherhobby 2810-1350KV low consumption motors, linked to 7.5inch props

INAV Firmware fully setup and tested by our experts




Product Name: Chimera7 Pro V3 8S Analog GPS Revolution FPV


FC: MATEK H743 Slim V3 / INAV


ESC: Foxeer Reaper F4 128K 65A BL32 9-40V


Video Transmission: Foxeer Reaper Analog Extreme 2.5W


GPS and compass: Matek M10Q-5883


Motor: BrotherHobby Avenger 2810 / 1350KV


Receiver choice: ELRS 2.4Ghz Diversity / TBS nano RX diversity


Prop:  7.5X3.7X3 propellers


Takeoff Weight:Approx.  1151g


Dimensions (L×W×H):270x199x34 mm


Max Hover Time:Approx. 30 mins




1x Chimera7 Pro V3 8S Analog GPS Revolution FPV (Choose your receiver)


Note: *** Gopro not included

Chimera7 Pro V3 8S Analog - ELRS 2.4
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