Blitz Practice Soldering Board
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Blitz Practice Soldering Board

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Blitz Practice Soldering Board


Always worried about poor soldering and wasting expensive electronics? Well, Here it is the Blitz Practice Board Soldering Board , which will help steady that hand and give you perfect solder jobs in no time!

The Practice Soldering Board replicates almost every common type of solder joint in the FPV world. You can practice tiny pin and pad soldering or larger gauge wire soldering.




Dimensions: 40*100mm


Layers: 2

Thickness: 1.6mm

Solder mask color: ink green

Character color: white

Immersion gold thickness: 1u

X-direction size: 100mm

Y-direction size: 40mm

Minimum line distance: 0.245mm

Minimum aperture: 0.250mm

Total number of holes: 926


Package included:


1PC x Blitz Practice Soldering Board

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