Cetus X HD Brushless Whoop Walksnail HD Digital - RTF
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Cetus X HD Brushless Whoop Walksnail HD Digital - RTF

Helifree RC propose this fantastic Cetus X HD RTF set

Literadio 3 pro ELRS transmitter and receiver

Walksnail HD VTX and new Goggles X

Setup done by Helifree RC

Ready to fly out of the box

  • ELRS 2.4GHz
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Cetus X HD Brushless Whoop Walksnail HD Digital - RTF


Step into the HD FPV world with the first Cetus X HD Brushless Quadcopter of the Cetus series. This 2S power quad offers Angle/Horizon/Air 3 flight modes, with a flight time of up to 5.5 mins.

And is equipped with the Walksnail Avatar Mini HD VTX, compatible with various Walksnail goggles, effortlessly propelling you toward a dynamic high-power HD flight experience, with immersive high-definition visuals upon powering on.

Empower beginners as a pilot to venture into the captivating HD FPV universe fearlessly. 



Bullet Points:


Entering the REAL FPV world with it. Launching the true beginner drone with Walksnail Avatar HD system. Starting with it can go a long way down the HD FPV journey.

The Betaflight FC comes with the most popular firmware in the FPV community. Beginners can learn and understand more about FPV, which is an essential way to get drone experience.

It has been redesigned to support the HD system. It now features a BT3.0 connector and an extra fan to cool down the Walksnail VTX, enabling a 5.5-minute flight time. One-piece durable PA12 frame inherited from the Cetus Series, provides excellent impact resistance against drops and impacts.

The 360° protection of the whoop frame ensures safe indoor and outdoor flights. Meanwhile, the FPV camera supports 20°-40° adjustable degrees, which provides different views for pilots.




Item: Cetus X HD Brushless Quadcopter

Flight controller: F4 2S 15A V1.0 

Receiver Protocol: SPI ELRS 3.0 Version

Receiver Bind: Click the Bind Button

VTX: Walksnail Avatar Mini HD VTX

VTX Power: 25mW, 200mW, 500mW

Flight Mode: Angle/Horizon/Air Mode 

Max Flight Speed: 13m/s

Camera: Walksnail HD Camera

Camera Angle Adjustment: 20°-40°

Battery: BT3.0 450mAh 2S Battery (2PCS)

Battery Connector: BT3.0

Charger: BT3.0 2S Battery Charger and Voltage Tester

Propellers: Gemfan 2020 4-Blades Props

Motor: 1103 11000KV

Cooling Fan: 1504 Fan

Wheelbase: 95mm

Weight (without battery): 65g

Takeoff Weight (with 450mAh battery): 92g

Flight Time (8.7V-6.8V): 5.5 Mins

Frame Material: PA12


HD Digital VTX System:


Experience an exceptional HD FPV flight with the Walksnail Avatar Mini HD VTX, boasting support for up to 1080P/60FPS resolution and a mere 22ms low latency, ensuring clear and detailed images in-flight.

Benefit from multiple channels that minimize interference and signal loss, empowering pilots to confidently explore and capture footage at extended distances. 


Opt for HD for your drone, as they offer a superior visual experience with sharper, more detailed images and vibrant color reproduction. This enhanced clarity enables precise navigation, obstacle avoidance, and precise footage capture.

HD visuals also allow for accurate evaluation and adjustment of camera angles and exposure settings, resulting in higher-quality moment capturing. Embracing HD visuals immerses you in the thrilling joy of drone flying, making HD the optimal choice for maximizing beginner flying capabilities and satisfaction.


Cetus X HD FPV Kit

Cetus X HD FPV Kit

 Cetus X HD FPV Kit

Cetus X HD FPV Kit




1 * Cetus X HD Brushless Quadcopter(Betaflight Firmware)

1 * BT3.0 450mAh 2S LiHV Battery

1 * 2S Battery Charger and Voltage Tester | BT3.0

4 * 2020 4-Blades Prop(Spare Set)

1 * Propeller Removal Tool

1 * Special Screw Package(Spare Set)

1 * Phillips screwdriver

1 * 4Pin Adapter Cable

1 * Avatar HD Mini Camera Manual

1 * USB Type-C Adapter Board

1 * JST Type-C Adapter Board 

1* BetaFPV literadio 3 Pro

1* Walksnail Goggles X Digital HD

1* Lipo 3S 1550mAh XT-60 for Goggles-X


Setup done by Helifree RC

Ready to fly out of the box

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