Axisflying Argus Mini F7 STACK 40A
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Axisflying Argus Mini F7 STACK 40A

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Axisflying Argus Mini F7 STACK 40A


Argus is axisflying electronic series that include ESC, FC and stack.

The lightweight Argus Mini argus mini is specially designed for small size FPV drone, reducing the weight of the whole FPV to a greater extent, while providing stable and excellent control.

 Axisflying Argus Mini F7 STACK 40A  




The Argus Mini is significantly lighter than the Argus Pro / Argus ECO.

The FC supports up to 4 motor outputs, easily build your drone.

Quickly check the working status of the FC by turning on and off the corresponding status indicator light.

Open circuit board, free soldering equipment




ESC: BLHeli32_ATF4_04 - Rev. 32.9 / FC: Axisflying F7 PRO

MPU 6000 Gyro

Blackbox 16MB

UART: 1-5


Argus Mini 40A ESC

- Size: 28.5*27*6.2 mm  / Weight: 5g / Mounting Holes: 20*20mm M2/M3

Argus Mini F7 STACK 40A
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