GEPRC SPEEDX2 3110 900KV Motor (4X)
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GEPRC SPEEDX2 3110 900KV Motor (4X)

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GEPRC SPEEDX2 3110 900KV Motor (4X)


The SPEEDX2 series motors have an innovative appearance and are designed with cutting-edge elements. This 3110 motor has two KV values of 900KV and 1250KV.

The performance of the SPEEDX2 3110 motor focuses on high efficiency and power saving. Its stator uses imported Kawasaki silicon steel sheet iron core, and the magnetic steel uses high-quality N52H. After rigorous testing, it saves 10% of power compared with conventional motors of the same level.




New appearance of the SPEEDX2 series motor.

The overall black system is matched with red secondary oxidation borders, which is full of sci-fi feeling.

In terms of energy consumption of the magnetic circuit of the motor, the design is highly efficient, which saves 10% of the power compared with conventional motors of the same level.

The surface technology of the motor is treated with fine CD texture, which can effectively prevent scratches from affecting the appearance.

Using 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, high-precision CNC integral molding, lighter in weight.


Specifications SPEEDX2 3110 900KV Motor:


KV: 900KV

Configuration: 12N14P

Magnet: N52H ARC

Rotor material: 7075-T6 aviation aluminum alloy

Stator diameter: 31mm

Stator height: 10mm

Output shaft diameter: Φ5mm

Dimensions: Φ39.58mm *37.85mm

Outlet specification: 18AWG 265mm

Rated voltage: 25.2V LiPo 6S

Maximum power: 1863.68W

Maximum current: 58.52A

Mounting hole: 19x19mm (M3)

Color: black with red

Weight: 79.3g (including wire)

Applicable models: suitable for 7-10 inch long range FPV drones / 7 inch X8 models





4 x SPEEDX2 3110 motor

16 x M3*9 round head screws

4 x M5 anti-slip nut

0.50 kg
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