GEPRC SPEEDX2 2809 1280KV Motor (4X)
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GEPRC SPEEDX2 2809 1280KV Motor (4X)

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GEPRC SPEEDX2 2809 1280KV Motor (4X)


The SPEEDX2 2809 motor is developed for a 7-8 inch large FPV drone. The stator is made of 0.2MM silicon steel sheets from Kawasaki.

The magnetic steel uses N52SH, which improves the high temperature resistance by 30%. In terms of appearance, the overall design is dark and red, with a delicate texture.

The motor mounting hole is 19mm*19mm.




1. Using 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, high-precision CNC integrated

2. Dark appearance with red side strips

3. The rotor edge structure conforms to the load-bearing mechanical design and has strong impact resistance.

4. Adopt high-quality N52SH magnetic steel to prevent high temperature demagnetization


Specification SPEEDX2 2809 1280KV :


Model: SPEEDX2 2809 Motor



Magnet: N52SH ARC

Rotor material: 7075-T6 aviation aluminum alloy

Stator diameter: 28mm

Stator height: 9mm

Output shaft diameter: Φ5mm

Dimensions: Φ36.04mm * 36.53mm

Outlet specification: 18AWG 250mm

Rated voltage: 25.2V 6S(LiPo)

Maximum power (W): 1148.9

Maximum current (A): 49.35A

Mounting hole: 19x19mm (M3)

Color: red and black

Weight: 71.4g

Applicable models: 7-8 inch long range FPV/7-8 inch X8 models





4 x SPEEDX2 2809 1280KV motor

16 x M3*9 round head screws

4 x M5 anti-slip nut

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