HGLRC C1 remote control + USB DONGLE
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HGLRC C1 remote control + USB DONGLE

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HGLRC C1 remote control + USB DONGLE



Built-in 500mw radio frequency module, which can realize stable signal transmission and remote control distance

The operation procedures are extremely simplified, and common operations such as frequency pairing, power adjustment, and joystick calibration can be realized without a screen, and you can get started quickly

Mix and match design of three-stage switch and two-stage switch

It can be equipped with a wireless dongle, no need to connect a USB data cable when practicing the simulator, and the dongle also has USB-A and USB-C dual interfaces

Support the installation of third-party receivers and tuners;




1x remote control

1x remote control hanging strap

1x wireless dongle for Simulator

1x USB-C data cable

***Batteries are not included

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