HGLRC C1 Wireless USB Dongle
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HGLRC C1 Wireless USB Dongle

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HGLRC C1 Wireless USB Dongle


Brand: HGLRC

Maximum supported frequency of built-in ELRS: 250 Hz

Reception distance: more than 200m

Binding method: Turn on and off three times quickly to enter binding mode

Interface: Double USB type-C + USB type-A connector

Operating voltage: 5V

ELRS firmware upgrade method: WIFI or USB connector

ELRS firmware version: ELRS 3.0

ELRS firmware name: HGLRC 2.4 GHz HGLRC Herme 2.4 GHz RX External Receiver

Supported protocol: only supports CRSF protocol

Weight: 9.5g

Size: 74mmx21mm×12.5mm





1x Wireless dongle for Simulator

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