HOTA H6 Pro Smart Charger
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HOTA H6 Pro Smart Charger

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HOTA H6 Pro Smart Charger


The Hota H6 Smart Charger is great for charging large batteries due to the high 700W DC input power. With AC input, it can charge with 200W.


The charger fits all of its amazing charging power and features in a small 108x67x60mm footprint and only 410 grams- it'll easily fit onto any bench and backpack!


One-touch battery charging, AC/DC input, and external regenerative discharging makes this charger one of the most convenient to use! 700W regenerative discharging removes power from fully charged batteries and transfers it to the battery powering the charger.


A high efficiency circuit keeps the charger cool and minimizes power waste.


Included is a 5V USB output that can be used to charge phones, GoPro batteries, and more!


HOTA H6 DC Smart Charger

HOTA H6 DC Smart Charger




Input Voltage: AC100-240V/DC6.5-30V

Charging Power: DC700W @ input voltage>24V / AC200W

Regenerative Discharge Power Capacity: 700W

Discharge Power:  Internal Discharge: 30W(balance port 10W)

External Discharge: 700W

Charge Current: 0.1-26A

Balance Current: 2000mA

Discharge Current: 0.1-5A

USB Output: 5V/2.1A

Operating temperature: 0-40℃



Battery Type




Smart battery: 1-6s

Lead Acid(pb):1-12s

Eneloop: 1-14s




1 x HOTA H6 Pro AC/DC 200W AC/700W DC 1~6S Smart Charger

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