Skystars F405 AIO F4 BLHELI_S 3-6S 40A ESC - 25X25mm
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Skystars F405 AIO F4 BLHELI_S 3-6S 40A ESC - 25X25mm

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Skystars F405 AIO F4 BLHELI_S 3-6S 40A ESC - 25X25mm


Skystars F405 40A AIO is a solid board containing flight controller and ESCs in one. The board has a 25.5x25.5mm mount.

The board can be powered by 3-6S Lipo batteries and can handle current up to 40A. It is suitable for smaller 3-4" drones and lightweight 5" drones. The board features an aluminum heat sink on both sides to help dissipate heat while protecting components from damage and dirt.

The flight controller uses a F405 processor complemented by a MPU6000 gyro. The board has an integrated barometer, 5V 3A BEC as well as 16MB memory for the blackbox. Also included are I2C pins for compass connection. Connectors for connecting a digital video transmission and an RC receiver are on the bottom of the board.

The board also has pins for connecting an external USB-C connector, which is included in the package. The external USB connector will be especially appreciated on Cinewhoops, where the board tends to be hard to reach. The ESCs on the board can handle current up to 40A and use the BlHeli_S firmware. The board also includes a current sensor.



Power supply: 3-6S

MCU: F405

IMU: MPU6000

Blackbox: 16MB

BEC: 5V@3A

Connector: integrated Micro USB, USB-C External

Current sensor

Current: 40A

Integrated barometer

I2C pads

Mounting holes: 25.5x25.5mm M2

Weight: 12.6g




1x AIO board

1x Capacitor

1x XT60

1x 16AWG Cable

1x External USB-C

1x Cable Kit

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