SpeedyBee Nano 2.4G ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver
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SpeedyBee Nano 2.4G ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver

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SpeedyBee Nano 2.4G ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver


This Nano ELRS receiver from SpeedyBee offers excellent performance at an unbeatable price. The receiver is powered by an SX1280+ESP8285 chip and features PA (Power Amplifier) & LNA (Low-Noise Amplifier) to further boast signal reception and telemetry range.

The Rx can transmit at a power of 100mW. It is very compact, measuring just 10.4mm by 18.4mm and weighing a mere 0.7 grams without the antenna. It is supplied with a T-antenna.


Light indicator:


Double red blinking: Binding

Slow red blinking: powering up but unlinked, no packages received from the transmitter

Solid red: receiver is connected, with signal received

Fast red flashing: Wi-Fi is turned on, and updating via Wi-Fi is available

​(Tip: To turn on Wi-Fi, wait for 60 seconds after powering on or long press button for 3 seconds. To enter binding mode, power cycle Rx 3 times)


SB elrs Rx Size


Name: ExpressLRS Receiver

Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Antenna: T-antenna (54x78mm, 0.6g)

Chip: SX1280+ESP8285

Power: 100mW

Input voltage: 5V

Antenna connector: IPEX1

Weight: 0.7 gram(without antenna)

Dimension: 10.4mm*18.4mm

Default Firmware: SpeedyBee Nano 2.4GHz RX 3.3.1



1x SpeedyBee Nano 2.4G ExpressLRS ELRS Receiver

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