ImpulseRC ApexDC EVO 5" FPV Frame Kit
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ImpulseRC ApexDC EVO 5" FPV Frame Kit

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ImpulseRC ApexDC EVO 5" FPV Frame Kit


Get ready to push your FPV drone flying to new heights with the ImpulseRC ApexDC EVO 5" FPV Frame Kit.

This impressive drone frame features DeadCat geometry, advanced HD video system isolation, ensuring crystal-clear footage even on high-speed flights.

With an aluminum camera mount and custom GoPro mounting options, you'll capture stunning visuals from every angle.

The Mr. Steele additions, including antenna mounting, rubber FC vibration mounts, skids, and more, guarantee optimal performance and durability for an unparalleled flying experience.


Note: Motors and Camera/VTX are not included. 




Die-Cut Mylar Insulator and Custom Machined Cone Rivets

HD Video System Isolation

Aluminum Camera Mount

Custom GoPro Mounting

DeadCat Geometry

Antenna Mounting

Tension Braces




Model: ApexDC EVO - Regular Edition

Arm Thickness: 5.5mm 

Size: 5"




Carbon fiber frame parts

Hardware and standoffs

Aluminium and TPU camera mount

Mylar and POM HD video isolation parts

HD video antenna mount

Injection molded skids and bumper

Injection molded wire covers

Rubber and velcro battery pads

Diamond files

Battery strap


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