Egodrift Tengu 4020HS / 1050kV Motor (6x32)
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Egodrift Tengu 4020HS / 1050kV Motor (6x32)

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Egodrift Tengu 4020HS / 1050kV Motor (6x32)


EGODRIFT Tengu high-performance brushless motors for RC heli are the result of one year of testing and development.

The 4020HS comes with a kV rating of 1050kV for 6S LiPo batteries and is the perfect choice for your 500mm sized SAB Goblin, Synergy, XLPower, Quest, Hirobo, Mikado Logo, Align T-Rex, Gaui or scale helicopter model.


The dipped stator is hand-wound with 1.5mm high-temperature wire and delivers a continous power of 2040W (2640W Peak) at a continous current rating of 85 Ampere (110A Peak).

The motor's overall dimensions are 45 x 49.6mm (1.77x1.95 inch) with a total weight of 290 grams (10.229 oz). Several shaft options available.

Like all models within the Tengu series, the top of the can features the iconic and heat-resistant EGODRIFT Stickerbomb print, to add the finishing touch to your 500 class heli build.

Each motor comes with mounting screws and an (optional) screw for additional securing of the bell.

 EGODRIFT Tengu 4020 Series Product Dimensions




Manufacturer: EGODRIFT

Stator size: 4020

Motor configuration: 12N10P

Motor weight: 290g (10.229 oz)

Wire colour: Copper

Motor wire type: High temperature copper wire

Motor wire: 1.5mm

Motor kV: 1050 kV

Motor shaft: Hardened Steel

Mounting hole pattern: 4xM3(25)

Laser Design: EGODRIFT Stickerbomb

LiPo cells: 6S

Stator diameter: 40 mm

Stator height: 20 mm

Stator lamination: 0.15 mm (+)

Body Length: 45mm (1.77 inch)

Diameter: 49.6mm (1.95 inch)

Idle current: 5.2A

Maximum Current: 85A (Peak: 110A / 2 seconds)

Maximum Power: 2040W (Peak: 2640W / 2 seconds)

Internal resistance: 8.1 mOhm

Connection: Wire / Gold plated plugs




1 x Tengu 4020HS / 1050kV Motor

3 x Gold Plated Connector, Male

3 x Gold Plated Connector, Female

4 x Mounting Screws

1x Bell securing screw

Egodrift Tengu 4020HS / 1050kV Motor (6x32)
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