Flywoo GOKU F7 MINI V2 40A BLS 20X20 Stack
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Flywoo GOKU F7 MINI V2 40A BLS 20X20 Stack

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Flywoo GOKU F7 MINI V2 40A BLS 20X20 Stack


The new generation F722 PRO Mini V2 flight controller from FLYWOO not only offers a standard 20mm size, high-performance STM32 F722 main control,  but it also supports 8 motor outputs and reserves dual 4-in-1 ESC sockets.

It features a user-friendly socket design for all ports, which significantly simplifies the process of connecting devices, thereby enhancing installation efficiency and making maintenance and fault inspection more convenient. This design effectively lowers the threshold for building drones.

Moreover, all solder pads are retained, providing customers with the flexibility to choose their preferred method of device connection.

Furthermore, it includes a plug-and-play feature, specifically designed for the DJI O3 Air Unit, which streamlines the integration process for pilots looking to utilize DJI's advanced digital transmission system with their builds.




High-performance processor: Equipped with the STM32F722 high-performance processor with a processing speed of up to 216MHz for faster response.

Precision gyroscope: Features the ICM42688 gyroscope for improved control precision and enhanced flight stability.

Modular installation: Utilizes snap-lock sockets for plug-and-play functionality without the need for soldering, enabling modular installation, and includes reserved solder pads.

Large-capacity black box: Includes a 16MB large-capacity black box to ensure sufficient storage of flight data for later analysis.

Stable current output: Onboard 10V/2A and 5V/2A BEC to provide stable current output for VTX and various peripherals.

Multiple motor outputs: Supports 8 motor outputs and reserves dual 4-in-1 ESC sockets for simplified connections.

Durable design: Utilizes immersion gold PCB manufacturing process to ensure high-temperature and high-current resistance, guaranteeing stable operation.




GOKU F722 PRO Mini V2 Flight Controller


BF Flight Controller Firmware: FLYWOO F722PRO


MCU: STM32F722

Gyroscope: ICM42688

OSD: AT7456E

Barometer: DP310

Black Box: 16MB

UARTS: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Input Voltage: 7.4V-26V/2-6S LiPo

BEC: 10V2A/5V2A

Flight Controller Size: 32mm x 29mm x 20mm

Mounting Holes: M2 20x20mm

Weight: 9.9g


GOKU 406S 8bit 40A ESC:


Con. Current: 40A

Burst Current: 45A 

Input Voltage: 2-6S

Support DShot300/600

Current Sensor: YES

BEC Output: NO

Size: 42×42×4mm

Mounting Hole: 20x20mm ( M2)


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