BLITZ M10 GPS V2 (Mini 20x21x8mm)
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BLITZ M10 GPS V2 (Mini 20x21x8mm)

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BLITZ M10 GPS V2 (Mini 20x21x8mm)


The newly upgraded BLITZ M10 GPS V2 has arrived, offering faster and more stable satellite search. This advancement in technology provides users with a more reliable and efficient GPS experience



UBLOX M10 chip, low power consumption, strong signal

Compass module QMC5883L integrated

Built-in farad capacitor for faster hot start

High-precision positioning

Onboard LNA (Low Noise Amplifier), RF filter, and TCXO (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator)

10 Hz Refresh rate

Built-in Flash




Compass module: QMC5883L

Baud Rate: 9600-460800 / 4800bps-921600bps (Default - 115200bps)

Sensitivity: Tracking: -167dBm

Cold start: 27s

Hot start: 1s

Maximum height: 80000m

Maximum speed: 500 m/s

Speed accuracy: 0.05 m/s

Maximum acceleration: ≦ 4G

Refresh Rate: 10 Hz

GPS patch antenna size: 18.2 x 18.2 x 4 mm / 25 x 25 x 6 mm

Total dimensions: 20 x 21 x 8 mm / 25 x 25 x 11 mm

Weight: 8g / 16 g

Input Voltage: 3.3-5.5 V

GPS pin definition: RX/TX UART

Compass pin definition: SDA/SLA

GNSS: GPS+SBAS+Galileo+QZSS+Glonass


Package included:


1 x BLITZ M10 GPS V2 mini

1 x Cable set

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