HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle
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HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle

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HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle


Until now, 1S tiny whoops were the last type of FPV drone that couldn't be converted to digital video due to voltage and weight limits.

HDZero Whoop Lite is here to meet these needs: HDZero Nano Lite Camera is designed for feather-lite drones where every gram counts.

At a weight as low as 1.5g, combined with the new Whoop Lite VTX at 4.5g with 0.4g dipole antenna enables a world’s-first production digital FPV solution of about 7g.

Whoop lite VTX Specification:


Model: HDZero Whoop lite Bundle

SKU: HDZ3101

Frequency: 5.725-5.850GHz

Resolution: 1280*720@60fps

RF power: 25mW/200mW RF output

RF Connector: U.FL

Video Connector: MIPI

FC protocol: Smart Audio Support/MSP

Size: 32.5x32.5mm (29x29mm inner)

Weight: 4.5grames/4mm Thickness (w/o shielding)

Power: 7W

Power input: 1S-3S

Mounting: 25.5x25.2 M2 soft mounting

Nano Lite Camera Specification:

Size: 14x16x11mm

Weight: 1.5gram

Sensor: 0.5 inch, up to 10650 mV/Lux-sec Ultra-high sensitive CMOS sensor

FOV: - 4:3   D:130° H:108° V:84°

        - 16:9 D:122° H:108° V:65°




HDZero Whoop Lite VTX * 1;

HDZero Nano Lite Camera * 1;

Dipole Antenna * 1;

40mm Mipi Cable * 1;

Power/Uart Cable * 5;

Zip ties * 2;

Rubber Grommet (M3 to M2) * 4;

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