HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX Kit
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HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX Kit

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HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX Kit


The HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX Kit is a 2nd generation 5.8GHz digital video transmitter kit with a camera, VTX, and antenna that can fit most of the 3.5-inch and 5-inch drones.

The CNC case protects all the sockets well, providing durability, RF shielding, and improved signal integrity.

A wire harness is included for solderless connection for power and MSP UART port.

The included retention bar and screws secure the antenna and MIPI cable.

The VTX supports 720p60,1080p30, 540p60, and 540p90 video modes, and has a maximum 1W RF output at the R1 channel if unlocked or authorized with a license or approval.




CNC case for socket protection, durability, RF shielding, and improved signal integrity

Capable of up to 1W RF output on R1 channel with proper licensing or approval

Included wire harness for solderless power and MSP UART port connection

Supports multiple video modes: 720p60, 1080p30, 540p60, and 540p90

Secured antenna and MIPI cable with retention bar and screws

2nd generation 5.8GHz digital video transmitter

Compatible with 3.5-inch and 5-inch drones

RunCam HDZero Nano 90 Camera

HDZero Antenna






Operating Temperature: 32˚F-104˚F (0˚C-40˚C)

Operating Frequency: 5.725-5.850GHz

Mounting Pattern: 20x20mm M2 holes

Transmitter Power: 25mW, 200mW

Model: HDZero Freestyle V2 VTX

Antenna Interface: Secured U.FL

Power Consumption: 6-15W

Manufacturer: Divimath, Inc

Dimensions: 29x30x14mm

MSP Canvas Mode: Yes

Video In: Secured MIPI

Input Power: 7-25V

SmartAudio: Yes

Weight: 22.3 g




Model: RunCam HDZero Nano 90 FPV Camera


720x540p90 – 90 FPS – requires HDZero Goggle

720x540p60 – 60 FPS at lower resolution gives better penetration/range

960x720p60 – 60 FPS at standard 720p resolution

Lens: FOV D: 60° H: 127° V: 92°

Net Weight: 5.2g (without cable)

Dimensions: 18x14x18mm

Mounting Pattern: 19x19

Image Sensor: 1/3"




Model: HDZero Antenna

Polarization: RHCP

Connector: U.FL




1x Freestyle V2 VTX

1x Nano 90 Camera (with 19 x 19 Mount)

1x HDZero RHCP antenna

1x 120mm Mipi Cable

1x Power Cable

1x SA Cable

1x Plastic bar for Mipi Cable with 3 x screws (M1.4 x 2mm).

1x Plastic bar for U.FL with 3 x screws (M1.4 x 8mm)

1x Double Sided Tape (29 x 30 x 1mm )


Attention, seule la bande de fréquence comprise entre 5725MHz et 5875MHz à une puissance de 25mW est autorisée

Helifree RC décline toute responsabilité envers l'utilisateur en cas de:

1) Mauvais usage des fréquences hors de la plage autorisée

2) Augmentation volontaire de la puissance au delà des 25mW autorisés


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