Runcam Nano V3 HDZero Camera
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Runcam Nano V3 HDZero Camera

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Runcam Nano V3 HDZero Camera


The Runcam Nano V3 HDZero Camera is small and lightweight, ideal for whoops and micro drones.

A sharp lens with wide FOV offers the best nano camera image quality for HDZero yet.

The camera is optimized for a 4:3 aspect ratio but can be configured for a 16:9 aspect ratio within the camera’s settings menu.

With its large FOV lens, 16:9 cut mode offers a comfortable amount of FOV, and 16:9 full mode provides a very large FOV, but with vignetting.




Compared to Nano v2, Nano v3 offers:

Larger FOV (94° vs 89°)

Sharper optic

Reduced weight (half as heavy)

Compared to Nano lite, Nano v3 offers:

Larger FOV (94° vs 84°)

Sharper optic

Much clearer colors and contrast

Marginal weight increase (0.7g)




Weighing only 2.2g and featuring dimensions of 14x16x14mm, the Nano V3 HDZero is designed for easy integration and portability.

With a sensitivity of 10650mV/Lux-sec, this camera excels in varying lighting conditions, ensuring clear and vibrant footage.

Efficiently operates on 3.3V with a mere 0.5W power consumption, optimizing battery life for extended use.

High Resolution captures video at 720@60fps in a 4:3 aspect ratio, ensuring sharp and detailed footage.

Enjoy expansive views with an FOV of D:155°, H:126°, and V:94°, enhancing the immersive experience.




Manufacturer: RunCam

Model: Nano V3 HDZero

Sensor Size: 1/2 inch

Resolution: 720@60fps 4:3

Sensitivity: 10650mV/Lux-sec

Shutter: Rolling Shutter

FOV: FOV D:155° H:126° V:94°

Input Power: 3.3V

Power Consumption: 0.5W

Weight: 2.2 g





1x RunCam HDZero Nano V3  Camera - No MIPI Cable


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