SpeedyBee Goggles BEC + Cable G2V2
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SpeedyBee Goggles BEC + Cable G2V2

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SpeedyBee Goggles BEC + Cable


The SpeedyBee Goggles BEC is a compact and lightweight power input device designed to meet the needs of drone enthusiasts.

With a power input voltage range of 3-6S and an XT60-Male connector, it provides versatile compatibility.

Featuring a USB-C port supporting various fast charging protocols such as PD3.0/QC4+/PPS/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE2.0/SFCP, it offers a maximum fast charging power of 20W.

Additionally, it includes error notifications for short circuits, overheating, overvoltage, and low power voltage, ensuring safety and protection during usage.

A low voltage alarm with a blinking screen alerts the user when the battery voltage drops below-specified thresholds for 3S, 4S, and 6S LiPo batteries.

Compact in size with dimensions of 212172mm and weighing just 25g, the SpeedyBee Goggles BEC is a reliable and convenient power input solution for drone enthusiasts.





Safety Features - Error notifications (short circuit, overheating, overvoltage) and automatic power-off

Fast Charging - USB-C with multiple protocols (PD3.0/QC4+/PPS/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE2.0/SFCP)

Low Voltage Alarm - Blinking screen for 3S, 4S, and 6S LiPo batteries

Power Input: 3-6S voltage range

Compact and Lightweight




Supported Fast Charging Protocol: PD3.0/QC4+/PPS/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE2.0/SFCP

Error Notification: 

Er1 Short circuit, power off

Er2 Overheated, power off

Er3 Overheated

Er4 Overvoltage, power off (>26V)

Er5 Low power voltage,power off(<10.5V)

Fast Charging Output interface: USB-C Port

Dimension(Main Body): 21*21*72mm

Low voltage alarm (blinking screen): 

3S Lipo ≤11.1V

4S Lipo ≤14.8V

6S Lipo ≤22.2V

Power Input Connector: XT60-Male

Power Input Voltage Range: 3-6S

Max Fast Charging Power: 20W

Net Weight: 25g




1x SpeedyBee Goggles BEC

1x Cable G2

1x Cable V2

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