GDW G95 HV Digital Tail Servo
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GDW G95 HV Digital Tail Servo

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GDW G95 HV Digital Tail Servo


The Servo GDW G95 HV is designed for 3D RC Helicopter Tail, providing an insane torque and speed

Compatible with all 550 to 800 size 3D helis




Very fast and high torque servo for Helicopters Tail, large 3D airplanes and Jets

Brushless Digital Servo Helicopter Tail Servo for X7 / KDS7.2 / SAB700 Racer Version RC Helicopter

Stainless steel output teeth, double bearings

Tough and wear-resistant

Quick response, extraordinary response

High-speed tail lock servo, neat and clean

Competition level configuration, player selection

High speed and stable




Working frequency:760us/333Hz

Operating Voltage Range: 6V-8.4V

Speed and torque:°@6.0V°@7.4V°@8.4V

Dimensions: 40,5x20x39mm

Weight: 68g

Motor: Brushless 17x18mm




1x GDW G95 HV Digital Tail Servo


GDW G95 HV Digital Tail Servo
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