Osprey 5.8Ghz 60mm SMA Antenna - RHCP
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Osprey 5.8Ghz 60mm SMA Antenna - RHCP

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Osprey 5.8Ghz 60mm SMA Antenna - RHCP


With its lightweight design, new 4-leaf construction, the FlyFishRC Osprey Antenna offers superb penetration, signal strength and clarity, and is now available to pilots at an incredibly attractive price.

The Osprey Antenna features a transparent casing, unique hybrid network, and is smaller than other 5.8GHz CP antennas, Dimensions(head): 14.1mm diameter. X 14mm height.

Although the Osprey Antenna is both small and light, it does not sacrifice any performance with high gain of up to 2.8dBi and 99% radiation efficiency. Moreover, it outperforms most other antennas in all categories. Sophisticated engineering gives this antenna a near-perfect circular shape for better range and penetration.

Its bandwidth covers the mainstream FPV 5.8GHz band with a 5.6GHz-6.0GHz frequency range. Regardless of a frequency you're on, you are guaranteed to have a signal as clear and strong as it’s possible.

The Osprey Antenna casing is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material that is hermetically sealed to protect the antenna elements inside.




Gain: 2.82dBi

Frequency: 5.8GHz

V.S.W.R: ≤1.2:1

Radiation Efficiency: 99%

Polarization: RHCP

Connector:Gold plated SMA

Dimensions(head): 14.1mm dia. X 14mm height.

Length: 60mm

Cable: Resilient RG141 coax.

Color: Cyan

Weight: 6.9g




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