RadioMaster Ranger Micro 2.4Ghz ELRS Module
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RadioMaster Ranger Micro 2.4Ghz ELRS Module

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RadioMaster Ranger Micro 2.4Ghz ELRS Module


The RadioMaster Ranger Micro 2.4GHz ELRS Module features a JR module bay adapter, packet rates up to F-1000Hz, up to 1 Watt Power output, and a high-efficiency cooling system.





The JR connector supports TX16S MKII/TX12 MKII or JR standard 5pin socket radios. 

Micro ExpresssLRS 2.4GHz Module

High-Efficiency Cooling System

WiFi and Bluetooth Support

Max F-1000Hz Packet Rate

1W Power Output




Dimension: 136*49*33mm, 50g (with Moxon antenna) / 74*49*33mm, 40.5g (without antenna)

RF Output Power: 30dBm for FCC, 20dBm for CE (Adjustable by LUA)

MCU: ESP32(main), ESP8285(aux,as esp backpack)

Frequency Range: 2400 MHz to 2480 MHz

XT30 Power supply voltage: DC 6V - 16V

Maximum packet rate: 500Hz/F1000Hz

Minimum receiver refresh rate: 25Hz

Weight: 50g (with Moxon antenna)

Regulatory Domain: ISM2400

Item: Ranger Micro Module

RF chip: SX1281IMLTRT

Bluetooth support: Yes

Wifi Support: Yes




Antenna polarization: vertical/horizontal polarization 

Type: T-type Omnidirectional Antenna 

Connector: RP-SMA Male

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Weight: 9.5g




1x Radiomaster Ranger Micro 2.4Ghz ELRS Module

1x JR Standard 5pin Socket Module Bay Adapter

1x Hexagon Socket Screwdriver

1x 2.4GHz T Antenna - RP-SMA

1x Futaba CRSF socket cable

3x M2*5 Screws

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