BlackHole Pulsar Lightweight 3.6 HD 4-6S BNF
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BlackHole Pulsar Lightweight 3.6 HD 4-6S BNF

BlackHole Pulsar 3.6

A Masterpiece of Collaboration between BlackHole Customs Quads and Helifree

  • ELRS 2.4G
  • AVATAR HD Nano Kit V3
  • DJI O3 Lite
495,00 CHF TTC 457,91 CHF (HT)
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BlackHole Pulsar Lightweight 3.6 HD 4S BNF


The BlackHole Pulsar 3.6, a collaborative effort between BlackHole Customs Quads and Helifree, is a true revolution in the FPV drone world.

This partnership has led to the creation of a drone that is not only high-performing but also one-of-a-kind, combining technical expertise with innovation.

The leightweight version has been specially developped to keep high performance, but staying below 250g with the battery.


Design and Manufacturing:


This drone is designed and manufactured by BlackHole Customs Quads, in close collaboration with Helifree.

This synergy has enabled the incorporation of the best of both worlds: the creativity and technical expertise of BlackHole Customs Quads with the quality ideas and advice from Helifree.


Components and Performance:


Frame AOS RC 3.5 V5: Designed for optimal resistance while minimizing weight and vibrations.

Axisflying Argus F7 AIO F722 40A: A high-reliability flight controller and ESC combo.

RCINPOWER GTS V3 1804 2450KV MOTOR: For powerful thrust and a truly leightweight

Propellers Gemfan 36x30x3: Ensuring superior maneuverability and aerodynamic efficiency.

Vtx Options: DJI O3 Lite, Walksnail, for video transmission tailored to each flying style.

Receiver ELRS 2.4Ghz or TBS Crossfire Nano RX


Versatile Configurations:


4S Max KV and 6S Max KV: For a dynamic flying experience, whether in freestyle or cinematic mode.


Various Autonomies:


Lipo 660 4S to Lipo 6S 850 HV: A range of battery options offering between 5 to 8 minutes of flight time, suited to various needs.

Customization of TPUs

The TPUs, redesigned by us, are available in a wide range of colors, solid or multicolored, allowing each pilot to customize their drone to their liking.




The BlackHole Pulsar 3.6 is the result of an exceptional collaboration between BlackHole Customs Quads and Helifree, symbolizing innovation and superior quality in the FPV drone universe.

This drone is not just a performance tool; it is a flying work of art, customizable at will and suitable for all flying styles. With the Pulsar 3.6, the possibilities are endless.



1x BlackHole Pulsar Lightweight 3.6 HD 4-6S BNF

VTX of your choice (DJI O3 Lite or Walksnail)

Receiver of your choice

Total Weight below 250g only with the 4S 660mah Battery


1 kg
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